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"I have worked with TEAM for the last several years in the capacity of Membership Coordinator for the WI Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration. I have found the staff at TEAM to be very professional, responsive, and willing to assist in any and every way to enhance the value WSHHRA brings to its members. I would highly recommend them as an administrative management firm."

- Janelle Markgraf on behalf of the
Society of Healthcare Human Resource Administration

"Three strengths of TEAM: you are flexible, organized, and have a pleasant and professional manner. You work so well with the Board of Directors and all committee chairs, and the preparation and coordination of all responsibilities pertaining to the Green Lake Conference are outstanding. WMC's records are well-maintained and the day-to-day operations are managed very well."

- Sue Hanson of Otis
Past President, Wisconsin Mathematics Council, Inc.

"You are truly magnificent in this role, dead serious! Your attention to detail and tenaciousness in getting information is absolutely remarkable. Am I glad you're on our team!"

- Dana Michaels of GE Healthcare on behalf of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Milwaukee/Southeast WI Chapter

"There is an old saying: The only constant is change. That is certainly true for the Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin. Having been a member of the Board for four years I have seen transition from a social-driven group to a group advocating for privately-owned manufacturing in Wisconsin.

But there is always the one exception, and that is the service provided by TEAM to the TDMAW. It has been consistent excellence for 15 years. For most of us the TDMAW is of secondary importance, prioritized behind the day-to-day needs of our business. That is why TEAM has been, and is, so beneficial to our association.

Our organization was one of TEAM's first clients, and Becky Fisher's experience has been invaluable to me and many other Board and committee members over the years. If you want to know how the Board addressed an item five years ago, TEAM will find the answer. And, if you want to know what was discussed at a committee meeting three months ago, they will have the answer is short order. It is this kind of accumulated knowledge that provides our organization with year-to-year stability and consistency many associations are hard pressed to find. Thank you for your dedication and knowledgeable guidance. You have made this job easier by tenfold.

- Greg Grambow, Past President
Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin
"The Wisconsin Chapter of Association for Corporate Growth has been fortunate to have Becky Fisher and her associates at TEAM, Inc. as its Chapter Administrators. They provide the support that is necessary to busy executives that accept our chapter leadership roles. More importantly, the proven performance of her team enables us to rely on them to get the job done right."

-James A. Kettinger on behalf of the
Association for Corporate Growth (AIG) Wisconsin Chapter

"As CAI Wisconsin Trade Show Committee Chairman, I am writing to you to tell you about the remarkable job Debra Pass has done for CAI Wisconsin and more specifically, our annual Conference and Trade Show.

Thanks to Debra's tireless efforts and great ideas for this conference, we were able to go from a loss last year to a profit in 2010. A few examples of why that happened: Debra suggested to me that we set up subcommittees where each would focus on smaller tasks of improving attendance, increasing participation among vendors, and increasing sponsorships. She personally developed a marketing plan through various media. She even put together a specific plan for targeted mailings, emails, etc. She stayed in touch and worked closely with the hotel. Additionally, she went over many items with me that we could delete from the show without any negative consequences that saved a lot of money.

Debra's enthusiasm was intoxicating and spread not only among those of us working the show, but attendees seemed to really appreciate the smiles upon their arrival. Never once did I see that look of panic or hurriedness or stress that is normally the constant companion to the person who is running the trade show.

With Debra's help, we showed a profit, had to turn away some vendors due to lack of room, and most impressive, were able to grow the attendance by approximately 20% over last year. Debra's input, direction, guidance, communication, and obvious hard work and dedication to success made this trade show the great success that it was! It simply couldn't have been this good without her. Now we'll build upon this success story to design an even better show for Madison this fall and Milwaukee next year.

Now, as a CAI Board Member, I'd like to add that, while we were very pleased with our prior TEAM administrator, Debra's involvement, help, support and suggestions at just the right times, and her strong attention to detail, have exceeded our expectations.

I'm looking forward to our Trade Show Committee meeting where we'll recap the highs and lows of the show, celebrate our successes of that day, and focus on how we can improve to make the next one even better. And of course, this committee feedback meeting was... you guessed it, Debra's idea!"

-John P. Poehlmann, RS Principal of Reserve Advisors on behalf of the
Community Associations Institute Wisconsin (CAI-WI)

"I am in the incoming president for CAI Wisconsin. I completely agree with Johns comments on the trade show (above) and want you to be aware that those same attributes apply to Debra's work for our organization regarding all of her other management duties. We just wanted you to know how lucky we feel to be working with her."

-Dan Miske of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. on behalf of the
Community Associations Institute Wisconsin (CAI-WI)

"After learning of a grassroots letter-writing campaign organized by an Illinois precision metalworking association, Becky (TEAM, Inc.) suggested and implemented one for us. It resulted in successfully accomplishing an important legislative goal. The results: We received 2,700 letters! TEAM's efforts opened doors to elected officials that had previously refused to meet with us."

- Mary Wehrheim on behalf of the
Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin

"I don't know how anyone could be on the board of directors and run a small business without the help of Becky Fisher's TEAM, Inc. Thank you Becky and staff."

-Fritz Reich
Past President, Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin

TEAM Inc.W175 N11117 Stonewood Drive, Ste 204Germantown, WI 53022

TEAM Inc.W175 N11117 Stonewood Drive, Ste 204Germantown, WI 53022